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i fucking have a fucking extension for a tab that just fucking says “Top 45 Scariest Eastereggs in Games” i do not care stop it stop trying to fuckin scare me you dumb ass little white bar thing

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Anonymous asked: psst what do you think about sho (the new P4U2 character) and his arcana being sun

I actually think it’s incredibly well done. On one hand, you have the fact that he is of the Sun Arcana, but his persona is Tsukuyomi, the goddess of the moon. Considering that his shadow and himself are two separate people with entirely different personalities, it presents a perfect duality. Beyond that, there is the symbolism attached to it: in the series, those who have the Sun Arcana usually have terrible hardships in their lives they cannot control, but they end up overcoming it with positivity and confidence (Ayane is a very slight exception as all she hs going for her is being shy, but eh.) Plus, the sun is also associated with very slight arrogance. So, I -think it encapsulates the personality of the Persona-less Sho while hinting at the characters back story. I know that in the Arcade story


His shadow is actually just the Malevolent Entity again, but of course the console version will end up expanding on that story, just as it expanded on Labyrs.

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You know…I think that sometimes, we all are a little too hard on ourselves; whether it’s our actual individual selves, or the human race as a whole, I think we far too often look so, so much at everything that’s wrong. To be fair, it is good to find what is wrong, because if you can find the source of what is wrong, you can work to pull it out and get rid of it, instead of letting it fester and rot everything away. But, continuing the digging metaphor, if we only work at deweeding something, instead of harvesting or admiring the garden in between breaks, we would miss the fruits of our labor, and it becomes more about the struggle than the end result. 

We’ve come so, so far as a race of people, and especially in the last 100 years, we have changed the world and minds of everyone everywhere. Just…think about that for a second. People at one time were thrown in insane asylums for their sexual orientation at one time. Colored people all over the world were literally forced into their own separate communities and institutions because people thought they were inferior. But we, as a species, changed it! We have the power to change things! We will change things!

I just…I think that it’s important sometimes for us to stop fighting against the darkness of the world, just for a few brief moments, and survey what we’ve done so far, and just know…it’s worth it. We’re making a beautiful world to live in, and every single day, we get a little bit closer. And that’s utterly unbelievable.

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[slim shady plays in the distance]

i’m back…again…for  reals real this time! finals are over and winter is here, ah so good to be free of school. Only bad thing is this website’s still as shitty and young adult as it was when I left it. Glad I missed the doctor who thingy or whatever, what a fucking nightmare night that must have been, right? People non stop going ga ga over it, and people going into rabid hysterics over how much they hate it, while you have the “ironic” bloggers making fun of it with “jokes”

oi vey

but now the gay boy’s back at last, so hit me up if you’ve gotta question or whateves.

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so, hey guys. i had to live with the folks, get a new job, then move again to another place. woo, that’s a lot of hullabaloo, but! I’m back now, yay! if you’re still here, thank you, glad to see you all stuck with a pretty silent blog. but I’mma try to talk and stuff, now that the life is settled.

again, thanks for staying around. now i need to catch up on the near eternity that passed me by.

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imagine a bald headed 35 year old wrinkly ass dude with tattoos and his fucking pizza hut ass boss lady putting the breaks on their fucking and looking up on my ranting face horrified, eyes bulging. this is the opportunity presented to myself now.

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